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Swimming pool being pneumatically applied with Shotcrete | LA Fitness - Bloomington, IL
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Graham Hospital - Endoscopy Suite Remodel - Canton, IL | Click on photo to view P.J. Hoerr blog posting
Ideal Concrete Block MFG. CO. Sign Rescue | Click on photo to view P.J. Hoerr blog posting
OSF Saint Francis Medical Center Rooftop Healing Garden - Peoria, IL - Aerial photo provided by: Jim Carlson, CPP | Senior Photographer | OSF Saint Francis Medical Center
OSF Saint Francis Medical Center | 6th Floor Renovation - Peoria, IL | Click on photo to view P.J. Hoerr blog posting
Murray Place - Renovation - Peoria, IL | Click on photo to view P.J. Hoerr blog posting
Buehler Home Florence Avenue Apartment Addition - Peoria, IL | Currently under construction | Click on photo to view P.J. Hoerr blog posting
Graham Hospital Surgery Renovation and Addition - Canton, IL | Currently under construction | Click on photo to view P.J. Hoerr blog posting
Town of Normal - Fire Department Headquarters - Normal, IL | Currently under construction | Click on photo to view P.J. Hoerr blog posting
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Princeville CUSD #326 - Princeville, IL | Video Testimonial


shannon duling


Washington High School (WCHS) - Washington, IL | Video Testimonial


dr dunnan



testimonial st claras

"We are finally enjoying/reaping the benefits of all your hard work. The residents moved from their home at St. Clara’s Manor to this new home in St. Clara’s Rehab & Senior Care on Valentines Day. It truly was a heartfelt Happy Day. Thank you and all your staff, your work crews and all the TLC they put into making this dream since before 2005 a reality. My “hard hat” off to all who worked there and their friendly and polite manner towards all of us – especially me, the older lady who just had to see each stage! I will never hesitate to recommend you for anyone looking for good, timely and friendly work. Blessings to all your staff and workers. All of us couldn’t be happier!"


God Bless,


Mrs. Tonita Reifsteck
St. Clara's Rehab & Senior Care
Board of Director's

Yemm Chevrolet Buick GMC - Galesburg, IL | Video Testimonial




Community Health Care Clinic - Normal, IL | Video Testimonial





testimonial communityhc

"I just wanted to send you a quick email regarding our project. Honestly, it's been amazing! For 2 years people have been telling me what a headache it's going to be, how many problems we'll hit, and how much more it's going to cost. It's going better than I could have ever imagined. Yes we've had changes (most of them from me!), but Colin Logue, Brad Poindexter, and all the subs I've met have been wonderful. I can't say enough good things about Colin and Brad.


People who have worked with P.J. Hoerr before ask me whose on our project. Whenever I mention Brad Poindexter, every single one of them says that he is the best in the area at what he does. I'm told how lucky we are to have him on our project.


Thanks for taking on our little project and giving me such great guys to work with!"


Angie McLaughlin, MSW
Community Health Care Clinic
Executive Director



"I have seen many factory installations before, but I've never seen an assembled piece of work that looks as absolutely incredible as the installation of the reception desk at Holy Family Medical Center. It looks absolutely fantastic and several customers and staff have already commented on it. Thanks for such a tremendous coordinated effort in achieving this work piece. It is truly a magnificent work of high quality craftsmanship. Beyond that, I am extremely impressed with the overall efforts of all the managing staff and laborers that worked on this project. It came together quite well and I am pleased."


Christian Bachman - Ministry Services
Facilities Management and Construction
OSF Design Group
Senior Architectural - Engineering Technician


kirby foods testimonial

"I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for the quality of work your team provided for our Hoopeston IGA remodel project. Bryan Schaffer and Mark Bazzell did an outstanding job of coordinating the project and kept everything moving in a positive direction through the entire construction schedule. Mark, as you know, was on site daily and was on top of every detail from start to finish. As issues arose, he was quick to respond and always had a list of potential solutions to propose prior to bringing the problem forward. He quickly became a “member of the team” at the store and many of our staff there have stated they are sorry they won’t be seeing him around as much from now on. It has truly been a pleasure to work with both Bryan and Mark and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome."


Larry Tobias, President / CEO
Kirby Foods, Inc.


komatsu edt-testimonial

"Some, but perhaps not enough people recognize the great partnership Kirk Anderson, Scott Fehr and Les Koehl have forged between P.J. Hoerr and Komatsu. Another important milestone has been achieved, the successful completion of Komatsu's EDT Parts Warehouse. This is a result of what we have accomplished together through your hard work and dedication. Thanks to all of you."


Jim Mathis, General Manager
Peoria Manufacturing Operations - Komatsu


website testimonial

"Greetings P.J. Hoerr Team:  I wanted to send a message to let you know how pleased I am with the outcome of the Lab relocation project that was recently completed and occupied at Advocate BroMenn Medical Center. As you know, this project proved to be a challenging one from an occupancy perspectiive considering the amount of equipment to be placed in the new space and the fact that operations could not cease while the move occurred. In all, over 209 pieces of new lab equipment were installed and 181 pieces of existing lab equipment were relocated. The move was virtually seamless and was completed well ahead of where we had targeted. The goal was to have all operations shifted to the new space no later that 3:00 pm on the day of the move. We accomplished this by 1:00 pm. By 2:30 pm, the lab was turning results around in less than an hour, their normal targeted timeframe.


I mention all of this because A LOT of work had to take place in advance for this to occur. Three years of planning, design, and most importantly, construction, culminated in this wonderful experience. P.J. Hoerr played a monumental part in making this a reality. I am very pleased with the project we delivered and the manner in which it was completed. I am particularly proud of our collective initiative to utilize virtual construction, specifically Building Information Modeling (BIM), to streamline this project and experience the advantages we did in schedule, quality, and budget, especially given the challenges presented from working in an existing space with several limitations. I would like to commend Paul Bright in particular for addressing this challenge head-on and fully embracing the BIM process from start to finish. His leadership proved incredibly valuable in this regard. Craig Smith absolutely amazed me with his knowledge, expertise, and tactfulness in assisting the subcontractors in the BIM process and managing the model. BIM, as with most new processes, is sometimes met with resistance and I believe that Craig was a wonderful ambassador for our project in mitigating this effect. He is one of the most versatile individuals I have met in the construction industry and should be considered a major asset to your company. I truly believe that P.J. Hoerr has some significant potential in effectively integrating BIM into projects and we will certainly continue to do so on ours moving forward. We have already started to reap the benefits of this tool and I feel we've only scratched the surface.


I would also like to thank Mike Kreutz for his leadership as he became involved toward the latter half of the project. Mike is an experienced professional that understands our project delivery model and is one of our best advocates (no pun intended). He constantly looks out for the owner's best interest and I always a have a certain comfort level when he's involved on our projects. This one was no exception.


Brian Meyers did an amazing job of managing this project toward the very end into occupancy. His commitment to customer service is unmatched and I look forward to working with him in the future.


There is one individual in particular that I would like to recognize that I believe is the major contributing factor in making our projects so successful. That person is Brad Poindexter. Brad has proven to be an invaluable resource to Advocate Health Care over the years and never has this proven more true for this project. Brad kept this one on the tracks and heading in the right direction from pre-construction through occupancy. His role as Project Superintendent was certainly challenging but he never wavered in making sure our expectations were met. Brad made sure we were aware of the constructability issues that were presented as the schedule progressed and made sure decisions were made in a timely manner. He also showed his collaborative skills in working with the design team to come up with solutions. It's rare to see the architect and superintendent have such a good relationship on a project. It all comes down to one word: Trust. We TRUST Brad more than anyone else running our work because he always has our interests in mind as if they were his own. I am honored to work side by side with him and hope to do so for many years to come.


Thank you again for proving to be such a great partner for us. I sincerely appreciate you making my job so much easier and enjoyable. I think we would be hard-pressed to find another team that does what we do so well. I look forward to working with the P.J. Hoerr team on many, many, more projects in the years to come. Congratulations on a job well done! "


Tim Bassett, Construction Project Manager
Advocate BroMenn Medical Center - Bloomington, IL



"As we look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving, I wanted to let you know how thankful I am that Max Dirker and Brian Eddy were on our project. Max has done an exceptional job leading a project with tight deadlines and extraordinary challenges. He's been a calming but direct project leader, making sure to quickly identify things that could have easily delayed the project. In addition, Max has done a great job of identifying cost-savings and operational efficiencies.


And Brian has done an extraordinary job of managing the onsite challenges that we have presented to him with professionalism and humor. He has really done a great job of managing our priorities, vendors and challenges. Thank you again for everything you've done to make our project successful. We're looking forward to the move in!"


Luann Anderson, Director of Operations
Pinnacle Actuarial Resources, Inc. - Bloomington, IL


AC Eureka Home-Testimonial

"Bob & Paul - Enjoyed reading the article in the Peoria Journal Star on your celebration of 100 years! As I read the article I had to think of how great your organization is at making their customers feel cared for as well as the quality of work that you do. The article highlighted some of the major work your organization has done...significant projects. In spite of the major projects you have done, you have always made us feel important to you even though our projects are significantly smaller. Thanks for the years of service and professional work you have done for us and congratulations on reaching the 100 year mark!! I am confident that P.J. Hoerr will continue to grow and do well because of how you operate!"


Tom Hoffman, Administrator
Apostolic Christian Home of Eureka


website testimonial

"As the owner representative for Knox College, it has not only been a privilege to work with, but an honor to be part of the "A" team on the Alumni Hall project. As with this project and all other projects they have done on Campus, they have always brought the best professional staff possible. I would like to thank everyone within the P.J. Hoerr firm for a job well done."


Scott Maust, Director of Facilities Services
Knox College - Galesburg, IL


test wpc

"Two years ago, our 128-member church made a decision to renovate our lower level Sunday school classrooms to bring them up-to-date and make them feel less “dungeony” (white cinder block walls, mismatched floor tiles, water stains on the drop ceiling, cold and damp…you get the picture!) Unfortunately, making the decision and actually acting on it didn’t happen within the same time frame.


Then the tornado of November 2013 happened and we knew what God was calling us to do: finish the lower level classrooms, install showers, and get ready to become a host site for out-of-town mission workers. When we contracted with P.J. Hoerr to complete our project, we knew that we were going to be getting quality workmanship. The workers were respectful of our property and staff, precise with their construction, and timely in completion. When we step back to look at the lower level now, it’s hard to even believe it’s the same space. All signs of the “dungeon” are gone. With new walls, carpet, ceiling, and best of all MORE LIGHT, we are so proud to be able to show off our classrooms. We cannot wait to welcome mission workers into these rooms to enjoy what P.J. Hoerr has helped us achieve!"


Becki Weltmann | Pastor
Washington Presbyterian Church


test calvary2

test calvary3

"Mr. Hoerr It has been such a blessing to work with the staff of P.J. Hoerr on both building projects of Calvary United Methodist Church. With John Moses at the helm, ably assisted by Max Dirker, we had a remarkably positive experience with the recently completed Phase II addition. Their knowledge, expertise and overall professionalism was of great value to us throughout the project in ways too numerous to mention. We are extremely pleased with the new facility and know it will be a valuable addition to our ministry for years to come.


I'd also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the work of Brian Eddy, site superintendent. Brian was a joy to work with, and being on site every day of construction, he came into contact with numerous church employees and members. Brian was always helpful and responsive; a real asset to your organization and to the building activity at Calvary. Thanks again for your partnership in building up His kingdom."


Larry Phillips
Building Committee Chair
Calvary United Methodist Church
Bloomington, Illinois


test graham 2

"Scott Rinkenberger mentioned to me yesterday that P.J. Hoerr was one of the firms you were considering for your Facility Master Plan. Since my arrival in Canton I/we have engaged PJ to complete a little over $40,000,000 of projects .. They include: Complete remodel of:

  • Medical / Surgical Floor
  • OB Unit
  • ICU
  • PCU
  • 1985 Building Infrastructure Project and Energy Recovery Unit
  • New Emergency Department
  • New Endoscopy Suite
  • 6,500 Sq Foot Dialysis Facility
  • 16,000 Sq Foot Clinic – Canton
  • 6,500 Sq Foot Clinic – Farmington
  • 5,500 Sq Foot Clinic – Lewistown ( Starts Sept 1)
  • Pharmacy Relocation – November 2013
  • IT Relocation – February 2014
  • Admitting/Switchboard/Central Scheduling – Spring 2014
  • Skilled Unit and Nursing Home – 2014-15

In short I can’t say enough about the quality of the work they do, their responsiveness to our needs, their understanding of the unique nature of construction in a healthcare setting, and their ability to work with IDPH. All projects have been on schedule and on budget. Bob Hoerr, Joe Hart, Scott Rinkenberger are “stand up guys”.


You would not be disappointed if they are your choice."


Bob Senneff | President & CEO
Graham Hospital


test 1

"As you may already know, our therapy pool was granted IDPH occupancy last week and occupancy from the city today. I can’t express how pleased I am with the entire team in accomplishing this goal. It was definitely a challenge in designing this pool after construction had commenced and ultimately making it a reality. Although a lot was out of our control, I knew the one constant lied within the construction team in that the design would be implemented in a timely fashion once the drawings were issued and the state provided approval.


I can’t emphasize enough how critical your on-site personnel were in making the entire Advocate BroMenn Outpatient Center project a great success. Along with the countless number of outstanding P.J. Hoerr laborers and carpenters that worked on the project, there are two individuals I feel in particular that can be attributed to this; Troy Wertz and Chris Atterberg.


Troy Wertz is one of the most detail oriented superintendents I have ever worked with and laid a great foundation (both literally and figuratively) for Chris Atterberg once he transitioned to another project. We never had to ask Troy twice to take care of an issue or follow up on something. He always was proactive and resourceful in addressing unforeseen issues that arose with the entire project team including the architect and engineer. Troy never missed a deadline he was given or looked for an out when a constrained schedule was provided. Even after Troy was no longer on the project, he was a great resource to have if a question came up that no one else could answer. Troy exemplifies everything we expect in a superintendent at Advocate Health Care. He was very personable, professional, polite, and easy to work with throughout the entire project. I hope at some point in the future I have the pleasure of working with Troy again.


I was also incredibly impressed with Troy’s successor, Chris Atterberg. Chris displayed maturity, expertise, and leadership beyond his years and provided a seamless transition once Troy left. Chris had the task of working in an occupied environment and definitely stepped up to the challenge. His experience in health care certainly showed and he was able to make sure we were operating within our interim life safety and infection control policies at all times. Chris acted as a great ambassador between the construction team and the occupants of the building. Ultimately, he made sure our building was suitable for occupancy back in August and did the same for our therapy pool just recently. I hope Chris is afforded the opportunity to fulfill the capacity of a superintendent on future projects for other clients as he did for us. He should be considered a major asset to P.J. Hoerr and I think he has some incredible potential in building client relationships for your organization.


I sincerely appreciate all of the hard work by all of the parties involved with this projects. This is something everyone involved should be proud of. Again, thanks to your entire team for a job well done!"


Tim Bassett, LEED AP BD+C
Construction Project Manager
Planning, Design, and Construction
Advocate BroMenn Medical Center


test gmg

"P.J. Hoerr is a great firm to work with. They really understand Healthcare construction, Infection Control, Interim Life Safety, Patient Wayfinding, Temp Signage, the whole 9 yards. I have worked with a number of major player’s on some good-sized projects and they are definitely the best firm I have had the pleasure of working with. Scott Rinkenberger, Director of Construction Operations for P.J. Hoerr's Health Care Division is very hands on, very engaged, very receptive and user oriented. I can’t say enough good things about them. Their accounting, budgeting and change order process, et.al. are all very thorough and easily understood. Don’t want this to sound like a commercial, but we don’t even shop our projects anymore; we are so satisfied with them."


Bob Senneff
President & CEO
Graham Hospital


test bromenn

"As I'm sure you've heard, we received IDPH occupancy this afternoon. The entire process went very well thanks to our inspection team.


"Mike, Blake, Bryan, and Adam were extremely helpful. When an issue was identified, the P.J. Hoerr team sprung into action calling or texting and waiting for sub contractors to address each issue. When an issue was identified, in most cases they were addressed before the inspection team left the general area. Our entire team functioned well, but I appreciate the team you dedicated to this project from the beginning.


"As we near the completion, I want P.J. Hoerr to know the success we've achieved thus far is due in large part to your entire team of dedicated staff, not just those in the trailer. I appreciate all of their efforts."


Dan Cooper Manager, Advocate Planning, Design, and Construction
Advocate BroMenn Medical Center
Advocate Eureka Hospital


test wacc

"Dear Joe, Paul and Brian: On behalf of the Washington Area Community Center board of directors, the 6500 plus members of Five Points Washington, the thousands who have enjoyed events at the Caterpillar Performing Arts Center, the WCHS swim teams, the scores of seniors who play cards and “party” at the new Washington Senior Center, the brides and grooms who have celebrated in the banquet center, the patrons who use the new library, and the new employees of Five Points Washington let me say “thank you” for all you, your employees, and subcontractors did to help make the vision a reality!


"Every day as I drive by the facility I see the parking lot filled with cars. When I enter the doors I see toddlers barely able to walk and seniors sometimes walking with canes. I see moms and dads dropping kids off at the day care room or taking them to a special event at the library. I see 70-somethings working on the cardio machines alongside 20-somethings pumping iron. They all have something in common – a broad smile! I have seen rappers, Irish tenors, gospel, a cappella, and country western singer; comedians; and orchestra members who are all surprised by the grandness of our theater.


"While such a magnificent building would not have been possible without the time, talents, and treasures of many, it truly would not have gotten “off the ground” without your team. Thanks for all the counsel, professionalism, and effort you invested in Five Points Washington!"


Sherril West
Washington Area Community Center


test crossroads

"We are writing to thank you for the care and professional attention you brought to our building project at Crossroads United Methodist Church of Washington. You oversaw a $6 million project that came in on time and under budget. Moreover you managed this project with great skill helping us at numerous points to make decisions that saved money, time and improved the design and function of our project. We are now worshiping in our new sanctuary, utilizing our nurseries and classrooms, and enjoying the fellowship space added to our church. As with the first building project, completed in 2001 also by P.J. Hoerr, your leadership has been integral to our success. In short, working with P.J. Hoerr was among the most important decisions we made as a church and we believe a key component in our project meeting budget and time schedule, and more importantly blessing our congregation and community.


We will not hesitate to contract with P.J. Hoerr in the future and recommend without reservation your company to others considering building projects."


Tom Goodell, Directing Pastor
Terry Hillegonds, Chair, Building and Site Team
Ron Kirby, Chair, Finance Team
Crossroads United Methodist Church


test imc

It has been my pleasure and privilege to work with P.J. Hoerr on this project. Their knowledge, skill and attention to quality workmanship to ensure your customer receives a top-notch product is surely unsurpassed. I realize the difficulty and many challenges there must be in putting a project such as this together and want to assure you that your crew here has gone above and beyond with their knowledge, skill, workmanship and leadership on this project. You have a pro-active team here that in my experience is a rare commodity in these times. Too often I have seen projects delayed to the point where there has been absolutely no forward momentum at all for days or even weeks and I assure you the P.J. Hoerr team here on this project has thrived on such challenges reacting immediately to achieve a common goal. I have personally witnessed your team here react and overcome obstacles and in many instances the problem was resolved within hours.


Jay K Miller, Building Superintendent
Illinois Medical Center


test maui

“The P.J. Hoerr team not only built a quality and beautiful building, but they did it almost exactly on schedule and they made it an enjoyable experience for us. We love our new facility and look forward to working with your company in the future.”


Tim Krueger, CFO
Maui Jim, Inc.



test parsons

“When my manufacturing plant was destroyed by a tornado, I called P.J. Hoerr to assist in the reconstruction. They quickly and optimistically accepted and finished in record time. That is why I partner with P.J. Hoerr - it’s all about confidence, capability, history and rapport.”


Bob Parsons, Owner
Parsons Company Inc.



Contact us at our offices in Peoria: 309.688.9567 or Normal: 309.888.9567


P. J. Hoerr serves Central Illinois, including in and around Peoria, Bloomington, Normal, Champaign, Urbana, Morton, Washington, Galesburg, Canton, Tremont, Mackinaw, Pekin, Eureka, Metamora, and Germantown Hills.










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